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How To Simplify Meal Prep

You’ve got to set yourself up for success.

In case you haven’t noticed, everything you’ve read up to this point is all about preparation. That’s because it’s imperative to your success.

I know that meal planning can become a chore and that it sucks sometimes, but I’ve got good news for you: there’s a way to simplify this too.

Here’s how.

When Grocery Shopping, Stock Up on Protein- Dominant Foods

This way you’ll never have an excuse of “running out” of protein filled foods.

Stock up on lean protein, but also on ready-to-eat foods like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, high-quality protein bars, beef jerky, and whey protein powder.

Cook Big Batches

Why? So that you have leftovers for the next day. You’ll have food readily-available without having to stress out about cooking again.

[Side note: this is where the staple meals that we talked about in Part 2 come in handy. If you eat the same things over and over again, just cook extra that will last you a few days.]

Keep Your Fridge Stocked With Ready-to-heat Food

There will be days when you’ll simply be too lazy or tired to cook.

Having some pre-made chicken breast, beef burgers, frozen veggies, etc. can be a dinner-saver.

Don’t Eat Home-cooked Meals All the Time

You’ll get sick of cooking, and you’ll get sick of your own food.

Obviously that doesn’t apply to everyone. But if you can relate, then this is for you. Have a combination of everything: just-cooked meals, leftovers, ready-to-heat meals, and eating out.

Trying to cook every meal is unsustainable and boring. Spice things up a bit.

Don’t Like Cooking? Outsource.

No, not overseas. Just have someone else cook for you.

If you can’t get your significant other to cook, there are services nowadays that deliver pre-made meals to your doorstep. These are usually more expensive than the typical meal, but if you have the financial resources, give it a try.

Also: use restaurants as your meal prep. Ok, it’s not really meal prep if you’re not doing it yourself, but you get the idea. Just make sure to use the restaurant-eating guidelines from the previous chapter.

Remember, set yourself up for success.