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How To Do Cardio

So here’s the thing about cardio (based on science, of course): it’s not necessary.

A lot of people think that you need to run in order to reach your aesthetic and performance goals. That’s simply not the case.

Cardio for fat loss is never necessary.

BUT… it does help if you use it to supplement your training regimen.

Doing any sort of cardio activity helps to:

  1. Burn extra calories
  2. Keep your cardiovascular health in check

Now here’s my take on what you should be doing for cardio. Ready?

Do Any Cardio Activity That You ACTUALLY Enjoy

For me, it’s playing basketball. For you, it might be running outside or on a treadmill. For others, it might be the rower… or elliptical… or simply just going on hikes.

Do anything that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up.

Don’t like doing cardio? No problem. That just means that you have to keep your calorie intake in check.

A Couple Tips If You Enjoy Doing Cardio

Like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?

Separate these workouts from your lifting sessions. Doing them before or after a lifting session will leave you prone to injury. If you don’t have the time to do them on a separate day, perform HIIT after your workout. But make sure to take a few good minutes to rest up before you start.

Prefer cardio like long-distance running, the elliptical, rower, or biking?

Then you can do these before or after your lifting sessions.

Another option is to do them on a separate day if that’s your thing. Nothing wrong with both.